2021 VMBC Event Calendar

VMBC provides Affiliated, Regional, and Championship level events. All of the competitions use the same judges' sheets.

  • Affiliated competitions are held throughout VA and have a chief judge on staff that has gone through VMBC judges training and passed on pertinent information and expectations to the other judges.

  • Regional competitions are held venues that provide an experience beyond a high school stadium. These events will provide judges with the best vantage point to see your group and is equipped with a turf field. Regional competitions will be staffed by a fully trained judges panel. Regional shows will have a color guard and percussion judge.

  • VMBC Championships is held at the end of the VMBC season. It will also have a full panel of trained judges and use the VMBC sheets. The VMBC Championships is intended to be the premiere show of the season in the best stadiums in Virginia with the most qualified panel of judges available. 

  • Bands may register for any of these events through this link - 


Affiliated Competitions

9/18/2021 - "Drums Along the Boulevard" -  Princess Anne HS - REGISTER HERE 

9/18/2021 - "Woodgrove VMBC" - Woodgrove HS - REGISTER HERE

9/25/2021 - "Herndon Showcase of Bands" - Herndon HS - REGISTER HERE

9/25/2021 - "South East Virginia Music Games" - Hickory HS - REGISTER HERE

10/2/2021 - "Cavalcade of Bands" - Charlottesville HS - REGISTER HERE

10/2/2021 - "South County Invitational" - South County HS - REGISTER HERE

10/2/2021 - "Warhill Classic" - Warhill HS - 

10/9/2021 - "Grizzly Classic" - Grassfield HS - REGISTER HERE

10/9/2021 - "Lynchburg Classic" - EC Glass HS - REGISTER HERE

10/9/2021 - "SVMI" - Harrisonburg HS - REGISTER HERE

10/16/2021 - "Freedom Showcase" - Freedom HS - REGISTER HERE

10/23/2021 - "Drums Along the Blue Ridge" - Bassett HS - CONTEST FULL 7/7/21

10/23/2019 - "Loudon Invitational" - Dominion HS - REGISTER HERE

10/23/2021 - "Tournament of Champions" - Mechanicsville HS - 

10/30/2020 - "Battle on the Blue Ridge" - Millbrook HS - REGISTER HERE

Regional Competitions

9/18/2021 - "Blue Ridge Regional" Host: Salem HS at Salem Stadium REGISTER HERE

10/16/2021 - "Tidewater Regional" Host: Princess Anne HS at Sportsplex - REGISTER HERE

VMBC Championships

11/6/2021 - "VMBC State Championships" Hosts: Jefferson Forest HS and EC Glass HS. Lynchburg City Stadium and Liberty University Stadium - REGISTER HERE