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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the philosophical and organizational structure for marching band events in Virginia that creates a positive and rewarding performance experience for our performers and instructors that will enhance their skills and abilities across all levels.

Aims and Goals

  • to promote participation in marching band events

  • to promote the art form of marching band based on the teachings and philosophies of quality music education 

  • to promote respect, professionalism, and cooperation among all bands, directors, students, parents, parent organizations, judges and all others affiliated with VMBC.


VMBC is a 501c3 marching band circuit founded, structured, administrated, implemented and monitored by its member directors to educationally and artistically benefit its member bands.

VMBC strongly endorses the professional development of its members through hosting educational events, promoting attendance at clinics hosted by other organizations, fostering awareness of other professional development opportunities, and distributing relevant educational materials to its member groups.

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