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10/14/23- Tidewater Music Games

Hosted by Princess Anne High School @ Virginia Beach Sportsplex

Virginia Beach Sportsplex

2044 Landstown Centre Way

Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Ticket Information

Adults (ages 12 and up): $18.00
Youth (ages 3 to 11): $12.00
Children (ages 3 and under): Free

All tickets for this event are considered general admission. There are no reserved seats. No refunds or exchanges.

PA Cyntyna closer flag toss with Tyrese and Keisha behind her.jpg



Stadium View

Tidewater Pic3.PNG
Tidewater Pic1.PNG

Warm-up Areas

Tidewater Pic2.PNG

Information Packet

Directors Information / Reminders

Please check in at Registration.
• Warm Up Lot – See Diagram above. There is to be no warm-up, front ensemble or otherwise, in the equipment
lot. That is for the warm-up lot.

• Equipment Lot – Take the space you need but be mindful of not taking up too much space. Be respectful.

• Front Ensemble and front drop entrance is in the front of Side 2 (Side B). Band proper entrance is the back of
Side 2 (Side B). Exit to Side 1. These are the suggested best practices.

• We will have electric on the front side-line. Bring your own extension cord to plug into the socket. That way, if
someone walks off with ours, you’ve still got one.

• Virginia Beach Sportsplex and Hometown Sports Management runs concessions. Tell your kids to bring money for food because it’s awesome!

• Director and Staff Hospitality is in the pavilion located off the field on Side 2.

• Tickets are $12 for ages 6 and up, $6 for ages 3 – 6, and Free for ages 2 and under. As the host has to pay rent
to Sportsplex and doesn’t receive concessions money, the tickets are slightly higher than a regular show. The
host also pays the extra money for the 2nd deck access. We hope you will enjoy this awesome venue at

• Stay in your area for Warm-up and play nice, please.

• There is NO post-show critique at this event.

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