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Director Info for VMBC Tidewater Regional

Directors Information / Reminders

Please check in at Registration.
• Warm Up Lot – See Diagram below. There is to be no warm-up, front ensemble or otherwise, in the equipment
lot. That is for the warm-up lot.
• Equipment Lot – Take the space you need but be mindful of not taking up too much space. Be respectful.
• Front Ensemble and front drop entrance is in the front of Side 2 (Side B). Band proper entrance is the back of
Side 2 (Side B). Exit to Side 1. These are the suggested best practices.
• We will have electric on the front side-line. Bring your own extension cord to plug into the socket. That way, if
someone walks off with ours, you’ve still got one.
• .....Notes continued on next page 

• Virginia Beach Sportsplex and Hometown Sports Management runs concessions. Tell your kids to bring money for food because it’s awesome!
• Director and Staff Hospitality is in the pavilion located off the field on Side 2.
• Tickets are $12 for ages 6 and up, $6 for ages 3 – 6, and Free for ages 2 and under. As the host has to pay rent
to Sportsplex and doesn’t receive concessions money, the tickets are slightly higher than a regular show. The
host also pays the extra money for the 2nd deck access. We hope you will enjoy this awesome venue at
• Stay in your area for Warm-up and play nice, please.
• There is NO post-show critique at this event.

Stadium View

Tidewater Pic3.PNG
Tidewater Pic1.PNG

Warm-up Areas

Tidewater Pic2.PNG
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