Director Info for NOVA Regional

Logistical Schedule - TBD

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Directors Information / Reminders

VMBC and the Pride of Herndon welcomes you to the 2019 Showcase of Bands!

Check-in/Registration:  Please check in with the registration volunteer upon your arrival.    Enter the campus at the 2nd entrance to Door 10.  

Arrival: Your band should arrive 1 hour and 45 minutes prior to your scheduled performance time.

Warm Up Areas:  There are 5 warm up areas which will be assigned upon check-in.  

PIT Parking:  PIT vehicle parking is on the East Side of the school.  Parking volunteers will direct your vehicles upon arrival. 

Bus Parking:  Buses will be parked on Bennet Street or offsite at Adams Center.  Registration volunteers will direct you to the appropriate location.

Gate Time:  Your band must be at the band entrance gate 10 minutes prior to your scheduled performance.    

Field Surface:    Turf

Awards Ceremony:   There will be two Awards Ceremonies.  Drum Majors and/or Band Representatives should assemble for the Awards presentation at the band entrance gate before the last band performs in their respective half of the event (see schedule).

Concessions:  Concessions will be available in the stadium during the event. 

Tickets:  Admission is $10.  Children 5 and under are free.  Credit Cards are accepted.

Feeding your Band:  Due to local ordinances no tailgating or grilling of any kind is permitted on the campus or in the surrounding area. 

Rain Plan:  In the event of inclement weather VMBC and Herndon Event Coordinator will contact directors with delay, standstill, indoor performance or cancellation scenarios.

Staff/Adult Access into Stadium:  You will receive a Band Director Badge and your instructors and PIT crew will be hand-stamped upon arrival for entrance into the stadium.   All other adults must purchase a ticket to enter the stadium as a spectator. Students will not be stamped since they will enter the stadium as a group and are usually wearing show shirts.

Entry to the Stadium Following the Performance:  Your band members are invited into the stadium after their performance free of charge.  Entrance for band members in uniform, or in a group if out of uniform is through the main gate.  While in the stadium, the band members are to sit in groups, with appropriate supervision. Please remind your students to be respectful of other audience members as well as the bands performing on the field.

Spectator Parking:  Spectator Parking is limited due to construction.  Parking is on the West side of the school, across the street at the Herndon United Methodist Church, and in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Restrooms: Restrooms are located through Door 10 and at Door 6.  Portable restrooms will be available in front of the school and outside the stadium at the back of the school.

Video: You may send one designated adult to the press box to video tape your own show.

Please explain these guidelines to your staff, students and supporters prior to the event.
We appreciate your cooperation!


Check In / Warm-up Areas


When you check in:

  • Let us know if you will be leaving directly after your performance – this will affect your bus parking.

  • You will be assigned a warm up area.

  • Your band will be assigned a guide to stay with your group through performance.

  • Your band will exit the bus and follow the guide to the gym or the auditorium to store their personal items and then return to the warm up area. Students will not have access to the buses again until after the awards ceremony.

  • Your buses will be given parking information.


Other reminders:

  • Pit will warm-up separately from the rest of the ensemble. Please see the attached map.

  • Warm up areas are close together. Please be considerate of other groups if you spread out.

  • You can send your guard and/or drumline across the street to the church grassy areas if you would like to do so.   Please note – if you do go to the church – there must be absolute silence 5:15pm – 6:30pm.  Please adhere to this restriction as the church graciously works with us and we must honor their direction. 

  • There will also be areas (marked in orange above) where guard and/or drumline may practice.

  • There will be no room for marching practice.


When your performance is over:

Please proceed to the gym or auditorium to retrieve your personal items and return to the stadium. You may leave cases and instruments behind and retrieve them after awards.


When awards are over:

Please proceed to the gym or auditorium to retrieve your personal items and volunteers will direct you through the school to the buses in the front of the school.


Your patience and flexibility is appreciated as we undergo renovations. Our volunteers will do everything they can to make this day as smooth and enjoyable as possible!

Pit Parking and Warm-up Area


PIT vehicles will enter the campus at the 2nd entrance.  They will follow the path depicted above to the PIT parking area.  The PIT vehicles can be unloaded and remain in that spot for the duration of the event.  PIT can be unloaded and proceed to the PIT Warmup Area.   A PIT volunteer will direct you to where your PIT should set up.

There will be no amplification permitted as we are too close to the stadium

When your performance is over:
Please proceed along the back of the school to the PIT parking area to load the PIT vehicles.

When awards are over:
Please proceed to the exit (same place PIT entered) as directed by PIT and/or Parking Volunteers.


Bus Maps


Buses will enter the campus at the 2nd entrance.  They will follow the path above to the bus drop-off area. Once the band members exit the bus – at the direction of the check-in volunteer – the buses will either park along Bennett Street or park at the Adams Center (approx. 1.5 miles from school – see directions below).


A shuttle will be provided for bus drivers parking at the Adams Center.


If parked on Bennett, the buses may have to make a loop through the neighborhood so that the buses are facing east on Bennett street (map below).


At the time of awards:

  • buses at Adams Center will return to campus and a parking volunteer will direct them to the bus drop-off area

  • buses on Bennet Street will remain in place and band members can board the buses there


Offsite Parking – Adams Center:

                Exit campus right, Right on Dranesville Rd

                1.5 miles turn left on Sugarland Rd

                46903 Sugarland Rd, Sterling, VA 20164

Campus Maps with Band Entrance / Exit


Spectator Parking

Spectators may use the 1st entrance to the school or park in the Herndon United Methodist Church parking lot across the street.


Due to construction parking is very limited. Spectators may park in the neighborhoods if all spectator parking is full.  There are no parking restrictions in the neighborhoods on Saturdays.  If you park in the neighborhood, walk along the right side of the school to get to the ticket booth.


Please note the ticket booth is right outside the spectator entrance to the stadium