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Director Info for Battle on the Blue Ridge


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Thank you again for choosing to be a part of the 2022 Warhill Classic! We are excited for the event, look forward to sharing our facilities with you, and hope this will provide a great opportunity for your band to perform and grow.




1. A map of the site will be sent, placed on the VMBC website, and also included with the information given out at registration. Please plan your arrival to occur at your designated arrival time. This will help with the flow of group arrivals and limit your wait time prior to warm-up. 


2. Warhill will be on your left and you will take the 2rd left hand turn entrance into the school (student parking area). A site map is included to help clarify your entrance point at WHS.


3. Once you turn you will see the registration/check-in location. From there, a guide will direct where you will unload your students and park.


4. A big concern from previous events was groups eating in the parking lot at Wanner Stadium. Wanner Stadium has a “no tail gate” policy. If you are going to feed your band members then we ask that you support our concession stand. We will happily prepare meals for you if we know ahead of time.




1. Directors will register at the school and your groups will be held there near your bus(es) until your designated warm-up time. There are restrooms inside Warhill.


2. Equipment trucks should stay with their buses so that you can retrieve the equipment or uniforms you will need for warm up. We will have an area reserved for you to unload any instrument or uniform needs while preparing for warm-up at Warhill.


3. VERY IMPORTANT: Equipment trucks can move to the stadium after you unload your equipment.


4. After your buses unload, they will be parked at Warhill HS.  This is different from past years.


5. Students should be prepared to unload in uniform and to quickly retrieve their instruments  (WE DO NOT HAVE DRESSING ROOMS).


6. Students may use the restrooms inside the school prior to being moved to the warm-up area. Again, these are not to be used as dressing rooms.


7. There is to be no playing of instruments until your group is moved to the designated warm-up area. You have 40 minutes for warm up time.  Please adhere to the schedule to keep us on time, and to be fair to all groups.


8. The area behind the stadium can only be used for unloading, staging, and movement of sideline percussion. You cannot use this area as a warm-up area for your percussion.


9. Following your performance, your sideline percussion should be reloaded and you should be prepared to possibly relocate your equipment vehicle back to an area that will be closer to your buses for further equipment loading.




1. THERE IS NO SEPARATE AREA DESIGNATED AS A PRE-WARM UP AREA FOR DRUM LINES, COLOR GUARDS, BASICS BLOCK, etc. Groups are to stay together and be prepared to assemble in approximately 10 to 15 minutes prior to your designated warm-up time. You are welcome to use your warm up time for a visual and/or music warm up.


2. A guide will move your group to one of three designated warm-up areas. Please work together with the group in the other areas by keeping drum lines at a practical distance apart. Keep in mind that you will have 40 minutes for your warm up, so if you’d like to do a little music AND visual warm up, there will be time.


3. If you want your front ensemble percussion section to warm-up with your band you will need to make arrangements to move your equipment to the back of the stadium prior to your performance. We are only prepared to help move your equipment from behind the stadium - not from Warhill to the Stadium.


4. In order to stay on schedule your group must be ready to leave the warm-up area 5 minutes prior to the move time.


5. In takes approximately 10 minutes to move from the Warm-Up area to the gate you will use for entrance into the stadium. We will have constant communication between WHS and the stadium in order to keep things on schedule.


6. You will be moved down a wide side walk to the stadium. I would recommend that you move your groups in 2x2’s.  The area behind this gate is a good size bus parking area, so you should have plenty of space to re-set your group for entrance onto the field if this is necessary.




1. From the perspective of sitting in the home stands press box, your group will enter the stadium from the left hand corner of the visitor’s side (back left corner) and exit from the right hand corner of the visitor’s side (back right corner). Your pit will enter from the front right corner, and will be staged 15 minutes before your performance time.  They will exit from the right hand side of the field (this is very close to the area that your equipment truck will park and unload sideline percussion instruments.


2. Your performance time period will begin when you cross over the back side line or start the first note of a warm-up regardless of it being on or off the field.


3. You will be performing on an artificial turf field. This is an artificial carpet that is held down and sustained by gravel size black pellets. We are not able to let you use any form of fire batons or pyrotechnics on the field. The field does not have a track circling it. There is a power source (two outlets) against the bleachers on the 50 yard-line.


4. All mallet instruments will be rolled on and off the field. In addition, we might have a couple of carts to help move additional auxiliary percussion on and off the field. Please instruct your pit crew/volunteers to work with our volunteers to help move this type of equipment in a timely manner.


5. When your performance is complete you will exit the field and return to your buses so that you can return instruments, etc.


6. Bands are asked to sit on the visitor’s side of the stadium following their performance to allow room for spectators. This will be a MUST after dinner.  PLEASE adhere to these instructions so the last few bands parents and friends can see them perform.


7. We will have TWO award ceremonies this year.





Rob Carroll – Ensemble Music

Mike Aycock – Ensemble Visual

Tony Robinson – GE Music

Patrick Mitchell – GE Visual

Matthew Phillips - Percussion

Jody Jones – Guard



Overall Grand Champion

1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Overall Band Awards in each class

1st Place Caption Awards in Music, Marching, and General Effect, Percussion, and Guard in each class


Admission Cost: $10

Children 6-12 $5

Children 5 and under Free


If you are interested in setting up group meals for your band, and we hope you are, please contact me by Thursday, Sept, 30th.  We could probably do a Chick Fil A combo, hamburger combo, cheeseburger combo, or a hot dog combo for your group.  The combo would include chips and a drink along with the above entrée.


I hope you will find this information helpful. If you have any further questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me. You may reach me at (757) 565-4615 ext. 11617 or by e-mail at I hope each of your will have a successful outing at this year’s Warhill Classic!


See you Saturday!

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