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Director Info for Lynchburg Classic

Directors Notes

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Directions to Lynchburg City Stadium
As each of you is traveling from a different locale, it is easier to provide the address to Lynchburg City Stadium for your information. I recommend or GPS to find the easiest route for travel.


Lynchburg City Stadium
3180 Fort Avenue
Lynchburg, VA 24501
If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact Russell Pawlas at


Admission for the 2018 Lynchburg Classic is $ 10 and include a program, additional family members are $5. Event programs are available throughout the stadium for $ 5.00 which includes the day’s schedule, band information; advertisements, judge information and a special “you be the judge” section for our spectators.


As you enter the main gate of City Stadium, your buses will be directed to our registration tent where you will be assigned a student guide and receive an information packet for the day’s event. This packet will contain a schedule, site map and staff wrist bands for access throughout the day to the Stadium and hospitality area. Should you need additional wrist bands please feel free to let us know.


Dressing Facilities
The newly renovated Team dressing rooms are available for your students at their scheduled dressing time. Please indicate to your guide your intention as to the use of these facilities. We request supervision be provided while your students are making use of these facilities. Thank you for your attention to this request.


Equipment Transport
We will have plenty of vehicles thanks to Virgil Naff available to transport your equipment from the parking lot area to the field and back. Your band equipment vehicles will be directed to the immediate right as you enter the main gate of City Stadium to park and unload. Due to the proximity of the performance area, we ask that there be no playing while in the parking lot area.


Site Map
A site map has been included below for your information. We will also have many volunteers/guides available to assist throughout the day. Please feel free to make any requests and we will do all we can to honor them to make your day a great one!


Our awards ceremony will begin following any the exhibition performances. We ask that all representatives of your band (drum majors, captains, etc.) meet on the sideline and line up in their order of performance beginning with Class A. There will be assistants on hand to help your students with this.


Participating Bands Schedule
A schedule of bands and times for the event has been included with this information. The classifications were based upon the number of playing members report on your registration forms and we feel this year’s classifications to be very competitive. We anticipate a wonderful and entertaining event.


Video Recordings
A complimentary video recording of your performance will be furnished by Roeber Productions and included in your final comment packet. Roeber will also have a tent set up on the ramp area of the performance side of the Stadium for additional purchases including individual, class and entire event performance recordings.


Adjudication Comments/Recap/Score Sheets
Digitally recorded comments from our adjudication panel as well as recap/scoring sheets will be available in a packet that will be distributed following the awards ceremony at the trophy table on the track. Please remember to pick up your packets.


Concessions will be available throughout the day and are very reasonably priced for your students and supporters. We hope you will consider remaining at the stadium following your performance and throughout the day to support our concessions.


Director’s Hospitality Area
Directors and Staff, Please feel free throughout the day to visit our newly relocated director’s hospitality area located near the main gate area of the stadium. (Signs will be visible to assist) 


Additional Information
The Lynchburg Classic remains one of the oldest competitions in the Commonwealth celebrating 43 years due in part to our continued dedication and commitment to those involved. We are confident in this year’s event as continuing this reputation as of one of the best in the Commonwealth. Should you need anything prior to the event or have any questions please feel free to contact me at It is our goal to make your day an enjoyable one.


Once again, thank you for your contributions to and participation in our event.

Site Map

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