Director Info for Drums Along the Blvd.

Logistical Schedule

Logistical Schedule TBD

Retreat Information

Retreat Information will be released at later date to show how bands will line up for awards on the field. 

Directors Information / Reminders

• Registration will be in front of the Main Gym.
• Changing Rooms and Rest Rooms will be in the Gym Locker Rooms.
• There is to be no warm-up or trespassing of any kind at the church. While PA Bands will be operating out of there, that is not an invitation for others to do so. Please be sure to tell your staff that there is to be no trespassing on the church property.
• Please be aware of the NEW field entrance for bands. We are now bringing the bands on the back-field (visitor) side-line area of Side 2 (Side B). We are no longer taking the kids back behind the stadium. You will enter the field the same way at the Sportsplex on Oct. 12th.

• Please be sure to use our Director Hospitality Area! We will also be conducting the post-show critique from that area during Awards.

• We will be dismissing the bands from the Field following Full Retreat. We are running a Full Retreat this year to conduct a speedy, organized release from the stadium vs. the usual crush of the throng of humanity all leaving for the parking area. We will dismiss bands in order, starting with the band located on the end of Side 2, and ending with band on the end of Side 1. Please be sure they stay in formation because that is the quickest way to move a group of people through an area.
• We will have several Vendors on the campus, selling spirit items and custom t’s. Please enjoy the atmosphere!
If you have not already done so, please fill out this if you are pre-ordering meals.
• If you have not already done so, please send John Boyd your Licensing permissions.

Meals / Menu

FMC Meal Plans

1) $6.00 - 2 Hot Dogs, Chips, & Drink

2) $6.00 - Cheeseburger, Chips, & Drink

3) $6.00 - Hamburger, Chips, & Drink

4) $6.00 - Cavie Chicken Patty, Chips, & Drink

a la carte

$4.00 - Cavie Chicken Patty

$4.00 - Cheeseburger

$4.00 - Hamburger

$2.50 - Hot Dog

$4.00 - 2 Hot Dogs

$2.00 - Pizza (Slice)

$14.00 - Pizza (Whole)

$1.00 - Assorted Chips

$2.00 - Gatorade

$2.00 - Assorted candy 

Warm-up Areas




Stadium View