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Director Info for Cavalcade



From the west, take the US 250 Bypass to the Dairy Road/Meadowbrook Heights exit, turn left on Dairy Road and then straight through the stop sign onto Grove Road. Follow Grove Road to Melbourne Road, turn right on Melbourne and right into CHS. From the east, take the Park Street exit, turn right onto Park Street, then left onto Melbourne Road at the second traffic light. Follow Melbourne Road past the stadium to the parking lot entrance on the left.



Take the Dairy Road/Meadowbrook Heights exit from the US 250 Bypass. From the west, turn left, cross the

bridge and follow Grove Road to the stop sign at Concord Drive. Turn right into the rear entrance to CHS. From the east, turn right onto Meadowbrook Heights Road, then immediately right onto Grove Road. Follow Grove Road to the stop sign at Concord Drive. Turn right into the rear entrance to CHS.


Parking / Unloading

All buses and equipment trucks are required to park in designated areas only. The main parking lot for all buses and equipment trucks is on the grounds of Charlottesville High School (see performance facilities map). The most convenient way to access this parking lot is through the western entrance at the intersection of Grove Road and Concord Drive (See Charlottesville vicinity map). A parking attendant will meet you to direct you to a parking spot. In the event that this lot is full when you arrive, you will be directed to an overflow parking lot.


Unloading instruments and other equipment can be done at your convenience. During unloading of instruments and equipment please be aware that buses and trucks will be parked close to and on each side of one another. If your unloaded instruments and equipment are in the way of a designated parking spot, you will be asked to move them. 


Upon parking, proceed to the check-in tent at the adjacent Charlottesville High School Performing Arts Center.



The band director, or a designated assistant, will be required to let the adult at the Check-In tent know that you have arrived. The Check-In tent is located in front of the Charlottesville High School Performing Arts Center, adjacent to the designated parking area for buses and equipment trucks (see performance facilities map).


At the Check-In tent, an information packet will be provided to each band director. Each band will be assigned two student aides at the Check-In tent. The aides will shadow your band leading up to your performance. Their role will be to make sure that your band is aware of the times and locations for Warm-Up, On-Deck, and Performance and to provide information or assist in any way possible.


Your information packet will provide you with an appropriate number of PINK wrist bands, one for each director and official band staff member. Official band staff members are taken directly from the 2018 Cavalcade Registration form. Directors and official band staff members are required to wear the PINK wrist bands to gain admission to the stadium, as well as for use of the Hospitality Tent.


Your information packet will also provide you with a total of eight (8) ORANGE wrist bands. These wrist bands should be given by you to any adults assisting the band. The orange wrist bands are not to be used by yourself or any official band staff. It is Cavalcade policy that all non-High-School-staff adults assisting the band will require an ORANGE wristband to gain admission to the football stadium facilities. Those non-High-School-staff adults assisting the band that do not have an ORANGE wrist band will be charged admission to the football stadium.


Restroom facilities are located in Charlottesville High School at the Check-In tent location. Please ask about using these facilities.



Official warm-up locations are provided on the large field adjacent to and across the road from the football stadium (see performance facilities map). The warm-up fields will be divided into two sections, warm-up ‘A,’ and warm-up ‘B.’ Please check the Performance Schedule hand-out to confirm which section you are assigned.


Each band will be given 30 minutes of warm-up time on the Warm-up Field. Warm-up times are scheduled for 45-minutes prior to your band’s performance time. Your student chaperones should make sure that you arrive and leave the warm-up location on time. Out of respect for all bands, we ask that you please leave the warm-up location in a timely manner.


For bands that want additional warm-up time, alternate warm-up locations at the football practice field (see performance facilities map), and any other free space further from the official warm-up field is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. 



Each band will be provided assistance in transporting large, non-marching instruments (e.g. pit equipment) to and from the performance field. Prior to your ‘On-Deck’ time, one or more 4x4 and trailer teams will be assigned to bring your non-marching instruments to the performance field. Each trailer will need to be loaded by your band members or volunteers. To ensure that your equipment arrives on time at the ‘On Deck’ location, please make sure that you have enough personnel to load the equipment safely onto the trailer in a timely manner.


The 4x4 and trailer will bring the large, non-marching instruments to the ‘Stand-By’ location, and then onto the field after the completion of the previous band’s performance. Your band members and volunteers will be required to unload the equipment, place it in the pit location, and then load the equipment from the pit location after the completion of your performance. The 4x4 and trailer will then bring your equipment back to the location where it was originally picked up. As there are a limited number of 4x4 and trailer teams, please ensure that you have enough personnel to unload the equipment from the trailer again in a timely manner after the completion of your performance.


Special accommodations for unloading large props that may exceed the capacity of standard equipment trailers will be available subject to prior notification. Any band planning to bring large props MUST notify the competition organizer prior to the competition. 




All marching band performances will take place in the Charlottesville High School football stadium (see performance facilities map). The stadium is also the location of restrooms, concessions and vendor stands, and the Band Director hospitality tent.


Crossing Melbourne Road - Prior to entering the performance facility, all bands will be required to cross Melbourne Road. Melbourne road is a very busy road. There will be two official crossing points: one at the main entrance to CHS and another directly in front of the main stadium entrance and ticket booth. These crossing points will have guards who will be able to stop traffic to allow pedestrians to cross the road safely. Please inform your band members and associated staff that walking or marching in the street is not permitted. We respectfully request that all bands refrain from marching in formation to the stadium due to the presence of narrow sidewalks.


Restrooms – Restrooms are conveniently located in the stadium adjacent to and behind the concessions stand, and at Charlottesville High School adjacent to the Check-In tent.


Concessions – A concessions stand is conveniently located in the stadium at the north end of the field. The concessions stand will offer a variety of food and drink items at reasonable prices throughout the event. The concession stand will be open between the hours of 1:00 pm and 8:30 pm.

Hospitality Tent – All band directors and their official band staff will be able to use the Cavalcade Hospitality Tent. The Hospitality Tent is located in the football stadium. A wide selection of delicious food and drink will be provided at the Hospitality Tent. The Hospitality Tent is not for students, or non-High-School-staff adults. All individuals seeking to gain access to the Hospitality Tent must wear a PINK wrist band.


Field Entrance and Exit


Performance – Prior to performance time, every band will be assigned an escort and provided assistance in transporting equipment to and from the field. Each band will be given 15 minutes to set up, perform, and leave the field. The order of performance within each class will be determined based on the receipt of applications.​


Entrance - A gate surrounds the turf. Bands and their equipment will enter the performance area from backfield (visitors) side A. Front Ensemble equipment will be pulled to the front of the field via gator or 4x4. After the equipment is unloaded the gators or 4x4 will circle around the back to prepare to pick up the equipment upon completion of the field show. Please note that gators and 4x4s are not allowed “in bounds.” If you need equipment in the middle of the field then we will get it as close as possible to where you would like for us to unload, but please notify the equipment runners of the change.


Exit -  Bands will exit front-field (home) side B. Upon exiting the fence that surrounds the field, bands should exit out the gates that will be directly in front of them. Then proceed to their next location as determined by their band director. Guides will meet bands upon exit to assist with any directions needed.


Competition Categories and Judging


Performances will be judged and scores awarded in the following categories:

Ensemble Music (25%), GE Music (25%),  Ensemble Visual (25%), GE Visual (20%). Drumlines and Color Guards will be evaluated separately but those scores will not factor into the total band score.   


A recognition ceremony will begin at approximately 9:00 pm shortly after the last band’s performance. It is requested that each band send their drum majors or appointed representatives to the recognition ceremony on the performance field after the last performance.


Awards – First through third place awards will be given to the bands with the highest overall score in each class. Best in caption awards will be given to the bands with the highest score in the categories of music, visual, effect, color guard, and percussion in each class. A final award will be made for Band of the Day given to the band with the highest score in A/AA and AAA/AAAA/AAAAA.


Following the Cavalcade, digital copies of judges’ comments. In addition, all bands will be provided electronic copies of recap sheets through google drive and hard copies of judges score sheets. A designated space near the press-box will be available for a representative from your program to take a video of your performance.

Contact ‐ Please contact me with any questions you might have about the 2021 Cavalcade or to make special arrangements.

Jason Hackworth Email:

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