VMBC Championships Liberty Univ. / City Stadium

11/02/2019 - LU / City Stadium presented by Jefferson Forest / EC Glass

Williams Stadium - Liberty University

1971 University Blvd.

Lynchburg, VA 24515

Ticket Information

Group 1,2 Prelims: $10.00
Students: $8.00

Children (ages 5 and under): Free

Note: Anyone attending Finals at Liberty University later that evening will be admitted for $5 with the wristband from the Lynchburg City Stadium Prelims.  

Group 3,4,5 Prelims: $15.00

Students: $12.00

Children (ages 5 and under): Free

Note: The wristband issued for Groups 3, 4, & 5 Prelims are good for admission to Finals at no additional charge.  

New for 2019 - We will be set up to accept credit/debit cards at the Admission Gate and at Concessions at Liberty University AND Lynchburg City Stadium.

All students and staff of Group 1 & 2 bands will be admitted to Finals at Liberty University regardless of whether they are performing in Finals or not.  The Commonwealth Cup Championship Finals promises to once again be a showcase of outstanding VA bands!  


Championship Adjudicators

Prelims - Groups 1&2 - LCS

Ensemble Music - Steve Calhoun (GA)

GE Music - Jim Brooks (OH)

Individual Music - Todd Fox (PA)

Ensemble Visual - Kevin Bell (PA)

GE Visual - Doug Casteen (VA)

Individual Visual - Jason Derting (VA)

Color Guard - Tim Gauldin (VA)

Percussion - Matt Phillips (VA)

TP - Tim Bray (VA)

Prelims - Groups 3,4,5 - LU

Ensemble Music - Dr. Chris Sharp (VA)

GE Music - Josh Potter (NC)

Individual Music - Dave Kaiser (OH)

Ensemble Visual - Ron Comfort (OR)

GE Visual - Jeff Bridges (SC)

Individual Visual - Bob Thomas (PA)

Color Guard - Reiko Casteen (VA)

Percussion - Mike Kirby (VA)

TP - Jim Paxton (VA)

Finals - LU

Ensemble Music - Todd Fox (PA)

GE Music 1 - Steve Calhoun (GA)

GE Music 2 - Dave Kaiser (OH)

Individual Music - Jim Brooks (OH)

Ensemble Visual - Jeff Bridges (SC)

GE Visual 1 - Kevin Bell (PA)

GE Visual 2 - Bob Thomas (PA)

Individual Visual - Ron Comfort (OR)

TP - Jim Paxton (VA)